AUGUST, 2015

Welcome to our wedding website and thank you for agreeing to spend our special day with us. We are sooooo excited!

We have put this together for two reasons: Firstly to be a one-stop shop for everything you (our treasured wedding guests) need to know about our big day. On here you’ll find all the really important stuff including dates, times, location and accommodation. There’s a reminder of your menu choices and even some suggestions of things to do around about Loch Lomond whilst you’re visiting. We think we’ve covered all the important suff, but do shout if you think we’ve missed anything.

Secondly, we wanted a place to let out all our excitement and share it with you! It’s fair to say we’ve both been on long journeys to reach this destination, but we’re here, we’re together and we couldn’t be happier. So we’ll be blogging about all our preparations for the wedding — from an epic weekend with Steve and Jilly finding the perfect venue to choosing a photographer, and everything in between. We’ll also be taking a look back over our journeys and the crossroads that finally brought us — and our four beautiful girls — together.

So come on in and take a look around…  the excitement is infectious!